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    • Jason, Australia, stayed 3 months.

      I have been living with a Colombian family on the Colombian Homestay program for 3 months! It has been an amazing experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I have met many great people, learned a lot of Spanish and made some life long friends!

      I am very happy with the program and would be more than happy to return one day and do it all again. The family has looked after me very well and the Homestay coordinator has taken very good care of me. I will miss them all very much and I hope to return someday..

    • Aaron, Switzerland, stayed 25 days.

      I had a very good time with Colombia Homestays and with my family in Castilla. All people were extremely friendly and helped me a lot with learning basic Spanish.

      Together with other students and with the teachers we did a lot of activities like hiking, visiting a Colombian farm and partying with Colombians.My time here went by very fast and I will miss my new friends and the family a lot and I hope I will be able to return soon.

    • Omer, England, stayed 15 days.

      I am very happy with my experience with the program from Juan Fernando, to the Spanish professor to the family I stayed with. Everything has exceeded my expectation I have improved my Spanish considerably whilst making a lot of good friends and experiencing the local culture at the same time.

      I would strongly recommend the homestay program to anyone wanting to learn Spanish. Juanfer (the organizer) really takes care of his students, organizing social meetings for all of us to meet the locals. We all have shared the same amazing experience.

      The teacher I had was very good and interesting at the same time; not only was he very professional and clear, but we would branch into topics beyond the realm of the classroom and have interesting conversations about a wide range of subjects.

      And the family; I love them as if they were my own and will certainly come back to visit them. Can't say anymore, they were perfect. A great experience all round, thank you very much :-)

    • Chris, Australia, stayed 1 month.

      After staying with Juan Fernando Trujillo for a week, I ended up staying for another 3 weeks! I wasn't planning on staying in Medellin for a month, but the situation was so cool and I was learning so much Spanish quickly that I decided I'd be mad to leave.

      It's off the beaten track (not in a touristy area), but still in Medellin and it's real. Real families, real atmosphere, real Spanish. What I liked best was their patience with my pathetic broken Spanish. There was never any jokes at my expense (which always puts me on the back foot if I think I'm being teased) and although Fernando can speak English, he doesn't unless it's really necessary. I'm not usually a city person, but Medellin is different somehow. Almost everywhere has an awesome view - Fernando's place especially - and it's more like a big town.

      Basically, if you're after a great, cheap environment to improve your Spanish, make friends for life and enjoy real Colombian culture, go talk to this dude. He has a heart of gold and a great sense of humor. I now consider him a brother, and will be back there as soon as I get a chance.

    • Andrea, Italy, stayed 7 days

      I spent a week in Medellin during Christmas time. Honestly it was one of the best experiences of my life!! Fernando is a very good guy, honest, friendly and he wants to share the true paisa life and culture with foreigners. Thanks to him I met a lot of great guys, I lived as a Medellin citizen,

      I felt as at home with the family where I stayed. I highly recommend you the program if you want to experience Medellin in a different way than as a tourist.

      And what about Medellin?? the city is amazing, people are friendly, the climate is perfect and women are beautiful!!! I'm looking forward to go there again because I left a lot of goods friends and I miss them all so much. I wish you a great trip and I'm sure you will love Colombia and of course Medellin.

    • I met a guy on my travels who had just come form Medellin Homestays and recommended it to me... it was best move I ever made! Only advice I will give you is to get some basic Spanish knowledge before you get there so you can benefit for the situation! Medellin has the prettiest girls in the world.

      IN FACT ... it was the most awesome trip I've ever had, you need not research more! Also the teacher is brilliant! Good Luck I am so jealous.....

    • Dave, United States, stayed 20 days

      Greetings from Chicago, IL! I was down in Colombia toward the end of 2009 and did a Homestay with Fernando and his family for almost 3 weeks. I had an amazing experience - the family was super friendly, the food was great, and the Spanish teacher (a local university professor) really helped me make progress.

      Medellin is a great city to stay - if I were to go back to Colombia, that would definitely be my choice. I felt great about my Spanish at the end and count Fernando as one of my friends now. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask the program organizers! Good luck!