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► Do I need a visa to visit Colombia and learn Spanish?

Foreigners from many countries can visit Colombia for 90 days without a visa (and it is possible to extend this for a further 30 days without leaving the country). Please check which requirements apply to you via your travel agency or local Colombian embassy prior to making a booking with us. What level of Spanish is required to join the program?

No specific level of Spanish is required to join the program. Our teachers are prepared to teach students of any level from absolute beginner through advanced students.

► Do I need to have a specific material?

No, the teacher provides copies of the book and if you prefer you can buy the book from the teacher.

► Do the lessons include materials and books, etc.?

Yes. Materials will be provided each lesson and if you are interested in learning a specific Spanish topic, we can organize lessons around your requests.

► Can I extend my stay beyond my original plan?

Of course, in fact many of our students end up staying in the program longer than they had originally planned.

► Can I get a cellphone during my stay?

Yes. It is possible to buy a SIM card and/or a mobile phone here in Colombia. ColombiaHomestays can also rent you a cellphone with a local simcard during your stay in Medellin.

► Can someone pick me up from the airport?

Yes. If you require an airport pickup, this can be arranged.

► Can couples stay together with the same family?

Yes. Couples can stay together in the same house.

► Will I have privacy?

Yes. You will have your own private room in the house and will be free to come and go as you please.

► What type of food will I eat?

You will be served traditional and delicious Colombian style meals, shared with the family. The meals will include fresh fruit and juices, soups, bread, meat, fish, salads, rice, corn, potatoes, and of course the delicious local coffee!

► Will I have Internet access?

Yes. It is a requirement that each of the Homestay houses have an Internet connection for the students to use at their leisure.

► In which part of the city are the Homestay houses located?

The houses are located in different parts of the city. All of them are in safe family neighborhoods. The houses are surrounded by friendly neighbors you will get to know and other public facilities such as basketball/football courts, parks, churches, stores and grocers. Your home will be easily accessible through public transport.