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► Are there houses available outside of the city?

We have a few houses located outside of the city in farming areas or in the small surrounding towns. If you are interested in staying outside of the city please let us know and we can let you know which options are available.


► How do I get to the host families house?

We will accompany you to the host family house on the first visit to introduce you to the family. The family can also directly pick you up at the airport or in the city according to their availabilities. We can also assist you in learning how to use the local buses, taxis, and the Metro system.

► Do the families speak English or other languages?

Some of the families speak a little of English. The idea of the program is to be fully immersed in the Spanish language and to practice speaking as much as possible. The families are patient and used to communicating with foreigners who have little or no Spanish experience. Many of our students have joined our program knowing NO Spanish and have not had any problems living with the families. Your Spanish teacher and program organizers speak English and can help you in translating any special requirements or in case of emergency.

► Do the families have children?

Yes. Most of our families have children who are aged between 5 and 30. One of the biggest advantages of staying with our host families is becoming friends with the kids who are excited to show you around, introduce you to their friends, and to spend time with you in and outside the house. You can request to stay in a house without children if you would prefer.

► Do the families have pets?

Some families have pets. You can request to stay in a house without pets if you would prefer.

► Can I smoke in the house?

In some instances, although in other cases smoking is only permitted outside of the house.

► Can I drink the water in the house?

Yes. Colombian tap water is pure, clean and safe to drink.

► Can I wash my clothes in the house?

Yes. This can be done for you by the family.

► Will I have keys to the house and freedom to come and go when I please?

Yes. You will be provided with a set of keys when you need it and can come and go at any time. For safety reason, we recommend you to call the family when you won't be there for eating or sleeping.

► How many students will be in the Spanish class?

All of our lessons are private 1-to-1 classes that are fully adapted to your needs and learning style. If you are traveling with a partner or friends who are at the same Spanish level as you, of course you can take classes together if you prefer.

► Where are the lessons?

The lessons are either at your host family or outside in different places around the city. Often classes are in restaurants or cafes,  library, museum, park or other popular and interesting spots around the city. The lessons around the city give you even more chance to learn the language in real life situations.

► How often are my Spanish lessons?

Our typical program is to have 2 hours of Spanish lessons a day from Monday to Friday. During the lessons you will be given enough material to study during your own time and to practice what you have learned with the family and other people around the city. If you are interested in taking more or less Spanish lessons we can also accommodate you.